Full Bloom YogiEach of us is born to a dharma, a path ever present that may or may not be directly evident. Gradually, given adequate sun and water, this path blossoms into a life of its own, tugging at heart strings pushing us sometimes gently, other times with an urgency that can’t be ignored.

Yoga is a life style, a practice, a path to greater understanding of Life, the Universe and Everything (with a nod to Douglas Adams…I’m pretty sure the answer is not 42! ). Gardening is also a practice and a life style for anyone committed to feeding themselves well (and to wellness) and to the art that is nature. Somehow these two got intertwined for me – I can no more walk away from my mat as I can turn away from a plant out of place (that would be commonly referred to as a weed) or one that needs water. Check in for musings and guidance on both.


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Veggie garden